The Center is managed by two Principals and staffed by professionals with a unique array of expertise, including: criminal justice management and operations; institutional management; probation and parole supervision; offender classification; legal considerations in criminal justice; clinical psychology; domestic violence; social sciences research; organizational development; event management; and information technology.

For general inquiries, contact Susan Gibel at or (301) 589-9383 x801.


Madeline Carter
(301) 589-9383 ex. 804

Becki Ney
(301) 589-9383 ex. 806

Program Staff

Kurt Bumby
Senior Associate
(301) 589-9383 ex. 803

Leilah Gilligan
Senior Manager
(301) 589-9383 ex. 805

Richard Stroker
Senior Manager
(301) 589-9383 ex. 807

Administrative Staff

Susan Gibel
Chief Operating Officer
(301) 589-9383 ex. 101

Anke Mann
Accounting Manager
(301) 589-9383 ex. 102

Cherrie Smith-Raines
Executive Assistant
(301) 589-9383 ex. 100