What Makes Us Unique

Our Staff

The Center’s staff is composed of approximately 15 individuals, the majority of whom joined us after full careers in the criminal justice field. Center staff members include individuals who have themselves been probation/parole officers; pretrial service providers; correctional officers and counselors in secure facilities; providers of clinical treatment services to offenders; legal advisors to paroling authorities and corrections agencies; and high-level administrators and directors for statewide probation, parole, public safety, and corrections agencies.

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Our Approach

The Center’s staff members have a unique combination of expertise that we believe brings you the best of both practical experience and a national and research-based perspective. This includes experience doing the work that you do; a thorough understanding of the research regarding effective criminal justice practices; the knowledge that comes from working in every state in the country with organizations and jurisdictions just like yours; and the skills to facilitate – strategically and deliberately – policy development efforts that are collaborative, oftentimes multi-disciplinary, and always aligned with your goals and objectives.

Our Range of Expertise

The Center specializes in criminal and juvenile justice. As an organization with 35 years of experience working with federal, state and local governmental agencies, and private foundations, we have worked in many places on many topics. We have specialized expertise in reducing jail and prison crowding; parole release decision making; evidence-based parole and probation supervision practices; managing parole and probation violations; establishing effective offender reentry processes; alternatives to incarceration; gender-informed evidence-based approaches with female offenders; and the management of sex offenders. We also have extensive experience establishing criminal justice policy making boards such as local and statewide commissions and task forces.