Twenty Strategies for Advancing Sex Offender Management in Your Jurisdiction
This document offers evidence-based and promising strategies for policymakers interested in advancing adult and juvenile sex offender management in their jurisdictions.

The Comprehensive Assessment Protocol: A Systemwide Review of Adult and Juvenile Sex Offender Management Strategies (CAP)
This resource was designed to assist jurisdictions in the enhancement of their sex offender management approaches. When used as designed, it will guide its users through a deliberate and highly collaborative information-gathering and analysis process and will identify with a high degree of specificity the strengths of a jurisdiction’s sex offender management approach and the steps that can be taken to strengthen its system.

Enhancing the Management of Adult and Juvenile Sex Offenders: A Handbook for Policymakers and Practitioners
This handbook is designed to assist policymakers and practitioners in the process of assessing, and strengthening, their adult and juvenile sex offender management approaches.