CEPP Begins Work with Local Jurisdictions to Improve Pretrial Systems

Advancing Pretrial Policy and Research (APPR), a five-year initiative led by the Center for Effective Public Policy, today welcomed five jurisdictions selected as Research-Action Sites.

The sites, selected through a competitive process by Arnold Ventures, the philanthropy supporting APPR, are: Catawba County, NC; Fulton County (Atlanta), GA; Montgomery County, AL; Pierce County, WA; and Thurston County, WA. Arnold Ventures will name five additional sites in 2020.

Local justice system leaders in each of the Research-Action Sites are committed to improving their pretrial systems in ways that prioritize public safety, promote racial and economic justice, and ensure incarceration is reserved only for those who jeopardize public safety.

Each site will receive intensive assistance from APPR to study their pretrial system, understand their data, and design and implement research-based strategies that are responsive to local needs. The first year will involve a robust planning process of research and analysis to identify opportunities for improvement. Local justice system professionals, in consultation with community leaders, will test the Public Safety Assessment (PSA), a research-based pretrial assessment. In addition to implementing the PSA, jurisdictions will explore a variety of other potential pretrial advancements.

Research conducted in each of the Research-Action Sites will be disseminated widely to advance research-based pretrial policies and practices nationally.

Media Contact:

Holly Ziemer, Communications Director, CEPP, hziemer@cepp.com

LaWanda Johnson, Communications Manager, CEPP, ljohnson@cepp.com