Sponsors: U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Assistance

The Center assisted the Bureau of Justice Assistance in providing training and technical assistance to 75 local jurisdictions receiving grants to plan, implement, and enhance community prosecution programs. The Center designed and conducted three regional trainings for the 75 grantees, worked with leadership sites (selected by the Bureau of Justice Assistance) to prepare, develop, and deliver the trainings, and coordinated the roles of other national organizations as consultants and trainers for the regional trainings.

Sponsors: State Justice Institute

The Center provided technical assistance to the Detroit Recorder’s Court in Michigan for the development and implementation of sanctioning guidelines. This assistance involved: working with a team of policymakers to assess and rank the seriousness of criminal offenses; assessing the quality and quantity of currently available intermediate sanction resources; reviewing empirical information on both sentencing practices and the offender population; developing a sanctioning guideline system that focuses on units and exchanges; conducting an impact analysis of the anticipated sanctioning guidelines; and developing training materials and conducting a training for probation, corrections staff, and the judiciary.

Sponsors: Connecticut State Judicial Department, Administrative Office of the Courts

The Center provided statewide training for the Connecticut State Judicial Department, Administrative Office of the Courts, and Court Sanctions Monitors in Connecticut. These monitors support efforts to utilize intermediate sanctions more effectively. The training focused on the process of involving the appropriate decision makers in each court in learning about intermediate sanctions and making better use of community resources.