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Apply to Receive Training and Support from NIC

Improving Outcomes for Justice-Involved Women

The National Institute of Corrections (NIC) is seeking community corrections agencies who provide probation and/or parole services to apply for virtual training and technical assistance to implement the Gender-Responsive Policy and Practices Assessment – Community Version (GRPPA-CV).

The GRPPA-CV is a tool designed to assist community supervision agencies in evaluating their current services for justice-involved women. The process guides agencies to explore how closely policies and practices align with the available research, and helps agency staff and stakeholders identify strengths, challenges and opportunities to implement programs, services and practices that demonstrate positive results.

Successful applicants must share information on existing policies, programs, and practices, and demonstrate adequate staffing capacity and agency support to complete this project.

Applications must be received electronically by 5 pm ET on November 28, 2022. For more information, please visit this website

For further information about the GRPPA-CV project or this selection process, please contact Lorie Brisbin, NIC Correctional Program Specialist, via email at or by phone at 208-573-5411.