Our Approach

We partner with state and local leaders to help them define their problems and implement solutions.

We approach every project as an opportunity for multidisciplinary collaboration.

We strive to respond to the unique goals, values, and conditions in the jurisdictions in which we work. We have collaborated with every state in the U.S. and with hundreds of local jurisdictions to support evidence-based and sustainable justice system change.


Evidence is key to understanding problems and creating effective solutions. We work with jurisdictions to build their capacity to gather and analyze relevant data and information to measure performance and contribute to continuous quality improvement.


Justice is more effectively served and reimagined when teams with diverse perspectives work together in pursuit of a shared vision, mission, and goals. We facilitate a collaborative approach in all of our projects.

Focused on human dignity

We never lose sight of why we engage in this work: to improve the well-being of the entire community and specifically the lives of people most impacted by the justice system. Our methods and strategies are people-focused and designed to elevate the dignity of all.


Our legal system manifests the inequities of our shared past, which even today impacts policies and practices. We bring issues of equity to the forefront and emphasize the urgency of addressing them.