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CEPP’s 2023 Racial Equity Work

The Latest from CEPP February 2023

A fair and effective justice system is one where all people are treated equitably, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, or wealth. To achieve this vision, CEPP partners with both system and community stakeholders—including people who have been incarcerated, their families and loved ones, and members of communities experiencing overincarceration and violence—to  identify and implement strategies that address disparities, increase trust, and center community well-being.

Our portfolio of projects aimed at addressing racial and ethnic disparities and integrating the expertise of people directly impacted by the system is growing! It includes:

  • Helping the Council of State Governments Justice Center update their Stepping Up initiative to include a focus on racial equity at the intersection of criminal justice and behavioral health
  • Working to address potential racial and ethnic disparities in the pretrial system in Outagamie County, Wisconsin
  • Developing critical resources and offering support for practitioners addressing racial equity and community engagement work

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