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CEPP's Racial Equity Work, Community Engagement, and More

The Latest from CEPP February 2022

Institutional racism permeates our society, including our criminal legal system. We know that Black, Indigenous, and People of Color are jailed at much higher rates than others. These disparities devastate the lives of people impacted, their families, and their communities. During Black History Month, we take the opportunity to amplify some of CEPP’s work addressing racial inequality across the country.

CEPP leads Advancing Pretrial Policy and Research (APPR), an initiative that seeks to achieve fair, just, effective pretrial practices, every day, nationwide. APPR works with criminal legal system professionals and their community partners to improve pretrial systems in ways that maximize pretrial outcomes and increase fairness and racial equity.

APPR is supported by Arnold Ventures and is a member of the National Partnership for Pretrial Justice.

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