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Gender Equity Trainings for the Field from CEPP

CEPP expands its gender equity work by sharing our expertise with criminal justice system partners.

CEPP has been expanding its work on gender equity in the criminal justice system, and that work includes sharing our expertise with other system partners. This year, as part of the Council of State Governments’ work with the Bureau of Justice Assistance’s Justice and Mental Health Collaboration Program, CEPP conducted a webinar on Gender-Responsive Services and Equitable Diversion Access with our National Resource Center on Justice-Involved Women Gender Justice Consultant, Kristie Puckett. This webinar focused on defining gender equity and gender justice in the context of responding to the needs of women and nonbinary people in the criminal justice system.

Additionally, the New York State Office of Court Administration, in collaboration with the Center for Justice Innovation, launched a series of multimedia training modules on how the courts can identify and address the unique needs of justice-involved women, girls, and nonbinary people. These modules include recorded webinars, supplemental resources, and podcasts or video chats featuring Q&A with national experts. CEPP was asked to conduct two trainings in the first module, “Pathways to Criminalization (Parts I and II).” 

CEPP’s Senior Manager for Gender Equity, Erica King, administered the training with Ms.Puckett. Attendees learned about the prevalence of violence and trauma among justice-involved women, girls, and nonbinary people, the progress made at the state and federal levels to protect survivors of sexual violence, and ways to disrupt the pathways to criminalization and effectively address gender-based violence.

Learn more about CEPP’s gender equity work on the NRCJIW website.