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Defining Problems and Discovering Solutions

Criminal and juvenile justice professionals confront ever-changing and challenging obstacles in their efforts to implement effective policies and practices. The Center for Effective Public Policy (the Center) is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting agencies and organizations with overcoming these challenges so that they can achieve their own goals and objectives in service to the public.

Examples of Our Work

The Center provides training and technical assistance, strategic planning, and systemwide analysis on issues including:

  1. Evidence-based criminal justice policies and practices
  2. Research-informed sentencing decisions
  3. Contemporary assessment, treatment, and supervision strategies
  4. Offender transition and reentry efforts
  5. Structured parole release decisionmaking
  6. Evidence-informed responses to probation/parole violations
  7. Model sex offender management approaches
  8. Gender-responsive policies and practices
  9. Prison and jail overcrowding
  10. Criminal justice system collaboration