Working Alongside Justice Practitioners

Working Alongside Justice Practitioners

The Center for Effective Public Policy works alongside justice practitioners to help define problems and achieve desired results.

Developing Effective Solutions

Developing Effective Solutions

The Center for Effective Public Policy assists criminal and juvenile justice policy makers and practitioners with developing effective solutions to complex problems.

Managing Change

Managing Change

The Center for Effective Public Policy helps justice agencies and their partners manage change.

Promoting Collaboration

Promoting Collaboration

The Center for Effective Public Policy promotes equitable and effective justice through collaboration.

Major Initiatives


Evidence-Based Decision Making

The Evidence-Based Decision Making in Local Criminal Justice Systems Initiative encourages systems to use research to inform and guide decisions across the justice system.


Probation & Parole

Learn more about our probation and parole initiatives, which are designed help support and shape the future of parole and probation agencies as key stakeholders in the criminal justice system.


Justice Involved Women

NRCJIW works to address the unique and complex needs of adult women involved in the criminal justice system.


Campus Sexual Assault

Find out more about our efforts to prevent and address sexual assault on college campuses.

Resource Centers