Helping Organizations and Systems Change

The Center assists single agencies as well as collaborative, multi-disciplinary teams of policymakers and practitioners to design and implement desired changes. Center staff have extensive experience in:

  1. Coaching state and local multi-disciplinary teams in long term policy development and implementation of change strategies to achieve risk and harm reduction;
  2. Designing, facilitating and managing key meetings of state and county policy teams, task forces, and parole boards;
  3. Designing and conducting national, regional, and local conferences and meetings involving state and local policymakers from the judicial, legislative, and executive branches of government.

Helping Organizations and Systems Acquire New Perspectives, Knowledge, and Skills

The Center conducts system assessment and research and designs and conducts national, regional, and local conferences, workshops, and specialized trainings for policymakers and practitioners on a variety of substantive topics including in support of helping organizations to move toward implementing new knowledge and skills by:

  1. Conducting qualitative, survey, or case study research—in service of policymaking initiatives; and
  2. Designing and managing seminars and training events—both in-person and video-based—on specific topics.

Disseminating New Knowledge to a Broad Policy and Practitioner Audience

The Center disseminates information in its areas of substantive expertise through:

  1. Designing and administering large-scale, staffed, clearinghouse efforts;
  2. Developing products including monographs, policy and practice briefs, journal articles, training curricula, and assessment guides;
  3. Producing video training materials; and
  4. Developing web-based resources.