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Guide to Pretrial System Mapping

Pretrial justice

Guide to pretrial system mapping

Systemic Criminal Justice Planning: I...

Justice-involved women

Systemic criminal justice planning to improve services and programming for women offenders

Roadmap for Pretrial Advancement

Pretrial justice, Evidence-based decision making, Justice-involved women, Sex offender management...

A roadmap for improving pretrial systems, enhancing safety & well-being, and advancing racial equity

Pretrial’s Money Problem

Pretrial justice

Perhaps the greatest obstacle to fair, equitable, & effective pretrial justice is, in a word, money.

APPR Language Guide: Words and Phrase...

Pretrial justice

June 2022 Resource from APPR

Management of Low Risk Offenders (2014)

Parole and probation

This guide focuses on best practices for responding to individuals assessed as low risk to reoffend.

A Strategic Approach to Responding to...

Parole and probation

This guide helps boards to improve their approaches to parole violation decision making.

Using Data to Explore Racial and Ethn...

Pretrial justice, Racial equity

Race and ethnicity data can help facilitate an understanding of disparities.

Why use “Criminal Legal System” Inste...

Pretrial justice, Racial equity

A Closer Look at the Evolving Language of Law

Parole Boards as Critical Stakeholder...

Parole and probation

This guide helps Parole Boards target resources with the goal of enhancing community safety.

Paroling Authorities: The Importance ...

Parole and probation

This document provides guidance for parole boards about building collaborative system partnerships.

Use of Evidence-Based Decisionmaking ...

Parole and probation

This guide provides information and strategies to help boards improve and strengthen their abilities