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What Is a Pretrial Detention Hearing?

Pretrial justice

Explanation of pretrial detention hearings from Advancing Pretrial Policy and Research (APPR)

CSRC 1-Pager

Pretrial justice, Evidence-based decision making, Parole and probation

Learn what this new resource center can offer the community supervision field.

Counsel at First Appearance

Pretrial justice

The impact of counsel at first appearance for people detained or facing detention before trial.

Community Supervision Resource Center...

Evidence-based decision making, Parole and probation, Community supervision

Designed to assist those working in the fields of pretrial, probation, and parole supervision

Gender Justice Pretrial Toolkit: A Mo...

Pretrial justice, Justice-involved women, Gender equity

A model of participatory pretrial justice for women and gender-diverse people.

A Self-Assessment Guide for Releasing...

Parole and probation

This self-assessment provides a structured way for these agencies to analyze policies and practices,

APPR Website

Pretrial justice

Advancing Pretrial Policy and Research (APPR) Website