Gender-Responsive Policy and Practice Assessment-Community Version (GRPPA-CV)


The NRCJIW is currently working in collaboration with the National Institute of Corrections (NIC), to develop a community version of the Gender-Responsive Policy and Practice Assessment (GRPPA-CV).  The GRPPA was originally developed by the Center for Gender & Justice in partnership with NIC.

The community version provides a framework that allows agencies to examine and assess alignment to gender and evidence-based policies and practices. The GRPPA-CV guides agencies to conduct a comprehensive assessment of six domains: Leadership and Culture; Staffing and Training; Assessment and Case Planning; Programs and Services; Supervision Strategies; and Quality Assurance and Evaluation. The results of the GRPPA-CV assessment assist agencies in identifying priority targets that promote positive outcomes for justice-involved women.

Our Approach

Using a multi-method approach, the NRCJIW is currently working with CORE Associates and the National Institute of Corrections to provide training and coaching on the GRPPA-CV to five community corrections sites. This effort provides sites with intensive planning, training, and coaching in three stages:

1. Planning and preparation:

  • Assist sites to develop an Implementation Team 
  • Introduce the team to the GRPPA-CV protocol, assessment methods, and scoring manual
  • Provide training and coaching to ensure that the team is prepared to conduct the assessment

2. Provide virtual training and coaching in the implementation of the GRPPA-CV process:

  • Work with the implementation team to support the administration of the GRPPA-CV implementation protocols and project expectations with selected sites
  • Review scoring protocols
  • Assist the implementation team to summarize the strengths, challenges, and opportunities noted across the six domains

3. GRPPA-CV support and project review:

  • Assist sites to prioritize targets and develop a strategic plan
  • Provide coaching and assistance to address goals and action steps

The Impact

It is anticipated that with the GRPPA-CV and implementation of evidence-based, gender-informed practices, community agencies will demonstrate a number of outcomes, including a reduction in rates of absconding and revocation, a reduction in overall risk level and needs, and a demonstrated increase in personal and social capital that support the individual well-being of women under community supervision.